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Waterproof Deck Systems

Most Commonly Used in Residential, Multi-family, Condominium & Commercial Applications — In Both Renovation & New Construction

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New Construction

Tufflex is your waterproofing answer.

As with many of our other specialized applications, Ultra Quiet Floors has been applying waterproof coatings in residential and commercial applications for more than 20 years. In the last 10 years, we have focused on Tufflex as our signature, waterproofing product.

Why? With hundreds of thousands of feet of Tufflex successfully applied in projects ranging from the Oregon Coast to the Portland metro area, and southwest Washington to the Seattle metro area, Tufflex has proven itself to be a leader in waterproof deck products.

When it is applied over plywood or concrete, a Tufflex base membrane is accompanied by flashing details and a non-skid texture (embedded in the base membrane), followed by the final ultra-violet, protecting paint. This Tufflex 60-100 ml waterproof deck system has emerged as a premier application in today's waterproofing industry.

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Leaking decks? Deck renovation or beautification? Tufflex can be used to waterproof or re-coat existing, failing or leaking deck coatings or failing concrete or tile deck systems. Ultra Quiet Floors has re-coated thousands of feet of decks in order to solve leaking and aesthetic deck problems, and it works. Can we install Tufflex on your deck?

Go to the official website of Tufflex, Inc. to learn more about this product.

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